About Us

New concepts with motivation and innovation for better living through karaoke where profit is not 
the primary goal.

Karaoke is an exciting pastime in many cultures, especially in the USA. Karaoke singers of all ages are expected to sing along to melodies of their favorite songs and keep up with the lyrics who scroll across a monitor, while the music and their singing is shared through a music system. Captain Karaoke® in conjunction with Singing Plus LLC, has developed an exclusive patent pending system that involves linguistic processing with speech – language and music therapy in hopes that the Singing Plus – Word Skillz® concept improves the quality of people’s lives, in a natural method, backed my in-depth research. 

 The good Captain remembers when music was an important part of every school’s curriculum. In fact, the Captain learned to read music in second grade, and was in the school’s orchestra in third grade. Captain Karaoke® feels that appreciating and learning music at that age, made his reading comprehension better, with a lifelong love of music. 

That was then, and this is now, however, the Captain has found a 21st Century ‘feel’ for bringing music back for both therapy and education, with a multitude of uses through his interactive approach to karaoke with Word Skillz® memory cards and awards. 

Captain Karaoke has always believed in excelling in programs that inspire success. On his 18th birthday, he became the youngest fully licensed talent agent in the country. He wanted to serve his country, and served honorably in the USAF Reserves after being selected to the Order of the Arrow. 

Captain Karaoke was a DJ and a VJ across the country for many years with one of the first video dance parties in the country. The Captain was a ‘true’ beat mixing DJ, not just somebody who presses a few control buttons, and claps their hands to get the crowd moving. He knew how to ‘”read” a crowd. As a mobile DJ, he had a 98% repeat factor, very rare as far as DJs go. He lived (and DJ’ed) in SE Asia for several years, and he saw firsthand in Japan how karaoke is used for fellowship and how music and lyrics can be maximized for learning purposes. The Captain was doing karaoke shows in the US, long before the concept of the karaoke bar came on the scene. 

After a bout with life threatening cancer complicated with thyroid issues, the Captain was focused to complete his education, and invent his revolutionary program. The program is unique, by using linguistic, music and speech therapy skills to help choose the appropriate songs on each DVD release. As a compliment, you will find our unique Word Skillz® cards, where you fill in words for better learning comprehension. Captain Karaoke is unlike most companies, where the primary goal is profit. The Captain believes that it’s more important to make a difference in future generations with the learning tools of Singing Plus, for learning English, helping people with Autism, seniors with Dementia, people who stutter, and mental health issues. The Captain believes that everybody should have a good, happy life, and if so many issues can be helped in a natural way, our society will be stronger. LET’S MAKE AMERICA SING AGAIN!