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The Singing Plus – Word Skillz™ system is an interactive 3-step non-computer audio/video/card program that includes English linguistic and music therapy techniques applied to a custom karaoke DVD. The region one DVD includes both lyric, Word Skillz versions & vocal versions of special songs designed for individual and group settings. Each DVD is tailored for persons with specific disorders, disabilities, and ESOL to encourage the use of Word Skillz cards to accent the health benefits of singing. This interaction provides improved cognitive skills, boosting memory and linguistic skills, plus provide increased social skills. While there is no claim of invention intended for our Best Singer certificate, it is designed to reward an individual’s efforts which can be beneficial to enhance accomplishment and build self-worth. The Singing Plus – Word Skillz™ system is designed for motivation and improved wellness without the use of drugs to improve the overall quality of life, in a natural way. The program combines the science of Applied Musicology with speech and language therapies for enhanced non-musical improvements.

Step one – Specialized Karaoke DVD

The most important part of our system is the ease of use in seeing the words and hearing the words on a standard NTSC TV monitor and speakers to play the disc, as some consumers may have limited abilities or computer skills. Originally, in the United States, karaoke was only available on laser discs with analog sound. This technology was replaced by the CD+G format, however in most cases, the resolution is limited to 720 lines of resolution, and a special CD+G player is required. Due to technical advances, we feel this format is becoming obsolete, as most of these discs are low grade in picture quality and sound. The disadvantage of this player is that to show the lyrics on a screen, as the CD+G format is not used on most consumer products. Therefore, with a standard DVD/CD player, no words are displayed, and so only the audio portion is utilized. 

To play our karaoke songs, we have decided on a standard Region 1 encoded DVD (North America), instead of Region 0 (worldwide), to help with copyright protection. These discs can be played on any Blue Ray, standard DVD player, or computer with no special player needed. The karaoke video songs listed on each DVD are 720p or1080p resolution, H.254 Codec On each karaoke disc, there will a ‘standard’ karaoke version with the lead vocals removed on each song. In addition, there will also be a vocal version of the same karaoke song where lead vocals will be studio-recorded and edited. This method can act as a guide, before the individual(s) may singalong to practice before attempting the karaoke version (without the lead vocals). For certain disorders on an individual use as opposed to a group therapy setting, there will be a third, Word Skillz version (see step #2). This version of the song will be unique, as key words will be missing in the karaoke video, which will interact with the memory card of the selected song. This unique feature will add to aid in adding cognitive enjoyment for the individual to test their skills of the songs they are using in therapy. 

 The Singing Plus – Word Skillz™ program will be targeted for all age groups, however the focus is for use of the system for aid in various disorders. The planned design for autistic spectrum disorder will be used as an example of how the unique properties are implemented to increase aid of our method. Fortunately, autism is treatable, however care in any aid must be taken, as certain sounds or images can trigger a negative reaction. Our original list of karaoke songs for autistic children were carefully selected by a St. Petersburg, Fl., music therapist who is actively using these songs in therapy, and are proven beneficial for the disorder. From this main list, with the assistance of Crystal A. (a local, strong community supporter of autism awareness, & child psychology minor), the list was modified to include our first release of songs. Shortly after, a second release for Autistic young adults (HS – age 24) will be released. This list was from requested karaoke songs for a July, 2017 performance of Captain Karaoke, and will include some of the group’s personally selected favorite songs. 

 All features of the videos used in the DVD are selected to be calming and complimentary to increasing comprehension. Instead of a standard background and low resolution lettering displayed on the screen, our DVD will may offer background videos that will help capture focus on the TV or monitor. In addition, the typestyles and colors of the lyrics scrolling on the screen may be modified for reducing stress, and allowing more focus with comfort. Our society misunderstands that many of those afflicted with this disorder have perfect pitch, however, the Singing Plus system understands, and as specified, should reinforce the positive effects. 

 The features of each series are specifically designed to that disorder to stimulate the brain and build synaptic bridges. For any music compositions that are not public domain, all legal copyright clearances will be made by the inventor or authorized parties prior to general release.

Step two – Word Skillz

Each kit will include a minimum of two double-sided and printed Word Skillz cards, measuring 51/2 x 81/2″, glossy, heavy stock. There is a separate set for each song included in the karaoke DVD, which uses the lyrics in a unique manner. One copy of the card would be used by the individual participant with the second card would be used by the monitor. 

The front of the card has the words of the song listed, where the user can follow the song, as they listen to familiarize themselves with the song. The comprehension of the user is increased, as throughout the song, some key words are missing. This learning method can be used to stimulate the brain by making a game to remember the missing words either by an individual or a group which increases comprehension for individuals while having fun. The Word Skillz system shares the concept of word challenges in a similar method as crosswords by boosting memory through the creation of new neutron connectors. 

The back of each Word Skillz card has the missing words from the front, which are highlighted, so quick references can be made to the missing words. This allows several methods of using the cards, either by starting with or without the lyrics. The Word Skillz cards provide a mobile learning advantage that can be conveniently utilized when the participants have mastered the lyrics of the song they have chosen without the use of a computer or tablet. Our policy of insuring protection of copyright clearances are obtained prior to release date extends to their use on Word Skillz cards, as well as addressed above for musical compositions.

Step 3 – Best Singer Certificates

The Best Singer Certificate is designed as a reward program, to assist individual’s in applying the methods of singing and learning with Singing Plus – Word Skillz. By offering a certificate to a young adult (especially one battling a disease or disorder), the value of the recognition may help reveal hidden strengths, with increased self-esteem that may have numerous wellness benefits. A different certificate is designed for adults, which can help individuals achieve improved breathing and a positive mental attitude with singing which may help in lessening stress and better memory recall, and help individuals live a fuller life. The specifications of both certificates are like the Word Skillz cards.


Music is the International language, and all genres of American music are heard around the world every day. Today, with streaming, many karaoke services online ignore copyright protection, depriving artists from income, which hurts the industry. We need to place a priority on music, arts and physical education in all our schools, if music is learned, the 3 Rs come easier. For example, Captain Karaoke® learned to read music in 2nd grade, and was in the school orchestra in the 3rd grade. Politics should not influence the future generations in our nation, and Captain Karaoke personally saw the use of karaoke in its growth in Japan and SE Asia in the past. 

A key factor in utilizing this system, care must be given that songs are used for singing should be close to the ‘natural’ range of the individual’s speaking voice. 

Per a report from McKnight’s in 2015, healthcare costs for people with dementia are 80% higher than those with heart disease or cancer. Alzheimer’s is growing at a faster rate, and recently President Trump has instructed that steps be taken to control the surge in suicide and opioid addiction in the country. Research strongly suggests that if the Singing Plus – Word Skillz™ program is actively initiated, the wellness provided by the system may be effective in the overall reduction of healthcare costs in many fields, from dementia, cystic fibrosis, stuttering, opioid addiction, autistic spectrum disorder, ESOL, mental health improvement, and so much more. This system would be greatly beneficial to educators, libraries, parents/guardians, hospitals, speech and music therapists, etc. Our planned “Flashback’ package for ’baby boomers’ in respite care should bring needed comfort to social workers in rest homes. A suggested ‘silly songs’ version for kids will accent the fun songs from the past (1950s & 1960s), however, no firm dates are proposed, as of now.
I am personally encouraged that professionals and educators alike feel that my invention of the Singing Plus – Word Skillz system offers a unique hands-on program that can assist individuals attain many mental and physical improvements with increased reading comprehension. This system is ideal for learning the English language for everyone from pre-school to adults, with extra benefits of singing, music and karaoke that individuals and groups will relate to and enjoy in a healthier and natural manner. Let’s do it smarter, and Let’s Make America Sing Again!™ 

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Our Slogan: Sing – Learn – Have fun 

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