Karaoke for Parents

Karaoke 101: Learning by Singing 

 What better way to help teach someone than with music? Music is a great aid for learning because our brains enjoying hearing the music and it helps jumpstart memory. The more we hear a song, the more we start committing it to our memory. Once we have heard the song a few times, it begins to get easier to remember the lyrics. Karaoke 101 is designed to help children with and without special needs to be able to learn. 

 Karaoke 101 

 Who doesn’t enjoy karaoke? As a parent, it is a great way to bond with your child. The Karaoke 101 kit comes with jumbo flash Word Skill) cards you can use with your child. They are a type of “fill in the blank” so your child has to think about the lyrics and use their memory to remember the next word. It is a good way to start building a strong memory when they are very young. Whether your child needs some extra help to overcome a learning disability or not, every child can benefit from having a fun, new way to learn! 

Make Learning Enjoyable 

 Every child enjoys singing and listening to popular songs. The Karaoke 101 kit includes popular songs that were designed by linguistic professionals for ESOL adults and children alike. It can help teach a new language because what better way to learn a language than by using a song? It is easy to learn the meaning of new words as well as committing them to memory. Whether you are trying to learn the language yourself or teaching your child, trying to just learn the language by sitting and studying words and definitions is an extremely difficult method that just doesn’t work for most people. Instead, make it into a fun game and you’ll be learning new words in no time! 

Memorization and Learning

 Whether you speak English and want to teach your children memorization skills or use Karaoke 101 as a method of teaching your child to speak, you’ll quickly see the benefits. Learning doesn’t have to be stressful. Captain Karaoke’s program will include “Word Skill” cards, where you can learn, new key words to the accompanying music DVD. Why frustrate you and your child when you could be having a good time together? Give your child a thirst for knowledge when they are young and they will forever have a special place for learning in their hearts. If you can teach your child that there are fun ways to increase their capabilities, they will grow up with a want to learn new things!