Karaoke in the Workplace

Companies Using Karaoke to Improve Productivity & Social Improvement in the Workplace 

 Karaoke can be tons of fun, but the circumstances in which it is used affect the enjoyment of the participants a lot. Karaoke machines first became widely available for sale in the United States in the early 1990s. Home karaoke was endlessly entertaining. Karaoke machines had two tape decks; one to play the backing music, and one to record. Music-loving kids (and more than a few music-loving adults) could record themselves singing over instrumental tracks of their favorite songs, or even singing along with the original vocals if they did not have a karaoke tape of the song they wanted to sing. A home karaoke machine could become the life of the party, especially around the holidays, since holiday spirit can motivate people who are otherwise musical scrooges to sing Christmas carols. Those situations were a lot more fun than American karaoke bars, where the wait to sing your favorite song requires you to listen to hours of drunken strangers singing lousy songs that are outside their vocal ranges. 

 More Fun Than a Retreat 

 Karaoke with people you know strengthens social bonds, so it is no surprise that American companies are increasingly including karaoke DJs in workplace social events. If you dread the awkward “ice breakers” at company social events, you are not alone. We agree that it is better to spend time with your co-workers among timeless tunes, singing as friends, rather than being lectured by your boos or being awkwardly cajoled to lecture each other. Genuine fun events like workplace karaoke parties can improve workers’ morale and prevent burnout and its associated ailments. 

Why You Should Choose Captain Karaoke 

Captain Karaoke & Music Plus LLC are one of the first karaoke service companies to specialize in workplace karaoke events. We contract high-tech professional equipment that could handle a full-fledged karaoke contest or special event, but we prefer to specialize in friendly events where the goal is the enjoyment of all participants. Our KJs have a huge library of music, so big that we can guarantee that we have almost any song that your employees might want to sing. They can even set up the equipmemt for a sing-along style event, with mics for several singers at a time. Captain Karaoke wants you to help improve the morale and well-being of your employees, and what better way to do that than through a shared love of music?